Friday, December 29, 2017

Hi & Bye 2017

Yes, I still remember my password, like because I have the same password for EVERYTHING.

I really need a platform to reflect. 

And I don't want to simply start a new blog which I have no confidence to maintain it. 

So there, here I am. 

This should be the first and last post for 2017. I saw my last post was in 2015. Well, a lot have happened these two years. 

And I need to reflect. In order to move forward. 

I will be back. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

I've forgotten how to blog

... and the fun of it. 

Oh, my God! How?!

I've forgotten the fun of blogging about stuff I like or just simply writing around, like a personal diary; I've totally given up on stuffs that I love, like reading, blogging, musics, photos and stuff. 

But how and why?

I should put my mobile phone away, perhaps, that's for sure. Haha! 

I should blog, like a come back, you know, about anything! Movies? The recent Jurassic World that we've watched. I don't know! Gay marriage? 

Oh, come on, not those from Facebook! I really need to come back to blogging. At least that's how I keep in touch with my England English which I like so much! 

At least, thank Goodness, I haven't really forgotten my password. Hehe. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

make the little life changes that'll bring you major bliss

source: womenshealthmag[.]com 

Make yourself happy every day, is easier than you think. Just get up from whatever shit-pile you're in, make some small changes in your life - one at a time - and be happy. Stay happy. So, make yourself happy today. 

Yes, as I am reading that article in womenshealthmag[.]com, I am playing that Happy song by Pharrell Williams. Ha-ha.

According to a life coach, Christine Hassler, these little changes in life are not rocket science. Make it happen and you'll see the difference.

No. 1  Get enough sleep
This may be the most important happiness move you can make, says Hassler. Wait, I should be sleeping and not listening to Pharrell Williams? Apparently, when you're tired, your body produces more cortisol, which makes you feel stressed. Instead of six or seven hours of sleep which you think is enough, try eight. 

No. 2  Hug it out
Physical touch makes you feel instantly more at ease, says Hassler, who recommends hugging someone at least once a day. Single? Hug your girlfriends right away, or give your loyal pet dog a hug, they deserve it for being men's best friend. Taken? Then what are you waiting for? Give your partner a hug when you get out of bed in the morning, it'll set the tone for a brighter day. 

No. 3  Write a Thank-you note
Hassler says, by practicing gratitude makes you feel more fulfilled, which in turn makes you feel more blissful overall. Write a note to a friend who's been amazing to you over the years - this could make your friend feel happy, too. 

No. 4  Hold the phone!
Whatever phone you're looking at right now - yes, put it down; put it away. Detaching from technology helps you rejuvenate and feel less, well, buzzed. Try to have at least one hour out of every day when you don't check it, suggests Hassler, whatever hour works best for you. Recall how we always feel so good when we're on a vacation, one of the reasons is because we don't check on our phones as much as our daily routine. 

No. 5  Give a compliment... to yourself!
You know you're guilty of being too hard on yourself, well, we all are. But treating yourself the way you treat your friends makes you feel so. much. happier., says Hassler. So go ahead and compliment yourself on your awesome hair day or the fact that you killed it during your work presentation. 

No. 6  Hit up a dance class
Props to you for hitting elliptical or going for a run on the regular - that's awesome. Keep it up. But classes like dancing or boxing, basically anything where you're totally flailing around the whole time, helps your body moves its energy around even more, so you feel calmer once it's over, says Hassler. 

No. 7  Schedule 'Nothing Time' on your calender 
Some would say that they feel more fulfilled using up every minutes and seconds to get as much work done for the day. I beg to differ. I need 'me' time. It'll help you feel less stressed, which ups your bliss levels in a big way, agrees Hassler. So, leave yourself a chunk of unplanned time each day - at least half an hour - to do whatever you want, for yourself. 

No. 8  Choose a personal theme song
Happy by Pharrell Williams. The perfect song! Ha-ha. Every week, choose a song with a message that you want to follow - be happy, live in the moment, never give up, be sexy and feel good, whatever - and play it on your way to work. Listening to the same song over and over will help you better connect with its main idea, Hassler proposes, so you're more likely to adopt its wisdom. Music is life. 

No. 9  Drink more H2O
This is one of those tips that makes pretty much every happiness/mindfulness/life improvement list there is. That's because it actually works! Water helps your body runs smoother and clears your head, says Hassler. 

No. 10  Plan a girls' night at least once a week
Research has shown that simply anticipating good times makes you happier, even before you've had them. Somewhere delicious to hang out with great companies can do you much more good than harm. So what are you waiting for? Gather the girls and have fun without the boys! We all deserve it!

To make all ten changes in a time is not very likely; but do start today with one at a time and slowly try all and see the positive changes. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

traditional chinese dessert!

It's dessert time! Although I am very much influenced by the western culture, I don't bake cakes; I cook tong shui. *laugh out loud*

Rock sugar with red dates and white fungus

This is my all time favorite!

Ingredients (serving for three):
1 litre water; 20 pieces of medium sized red dates; 2 pieces of small sized white fungus (soak in water prior to cooking, chopped); 10 pieces of longan pulp; rock sugar (optional as the dessert gets sweet from red dates and longan pulp, it also depends on the sweetness one wanted) and one last secret ingredient is papaya, cut into cubes. One small, half ripe papaya will do. 

Prep time:
5 minutes

Cook time:
40 minutes

Cook all of the ingredients mentioned above for about more than half an hour. Finally when it is almost ready, add in the papaya cubes and let it boil for 5 minutes and voila! 

Sunday, April 06, 2014

first anniversary, baby!

It was a small and simple yet meaningful ceremony to celebrate us tying the knots. Thank you all for being there! It was fun. 

Thank you my one and only brother, for being there! 

Thank you Eunice, for being there and the witness of our wedding ceremony. 

Thank you my one and only sister-in-law, Sherry and David, who signed off as the witness of our wedding ceremony.

Thank you very much to Mimi and Angie, who showed up in surprise and made me laugh as usual. I love you girls. 

Thank you BB, the little flower boy. 

Friday, April 04, 2014

04 04 14

It's been four months into twenty fourteen. Looking back at twenty thirteen, actually, a lot have happened. In April, I got engaged to a man I've known for more than two years, only. We registered in Thean Hou Temple. A simple wedding ceremony witnessed by a small group of close friends and family. 

Last June was exciting. I flew to Koh Samui with the craziest girls and had so much fun! Now that I am leaving the Company, actually, we all are leaving the Company, I will miss them the most! They are my sisters. Everyone of them has been there for me on the biggest moments of my life. I'm touched. 

It was Thailand fever as I visited Pattaya and Bangkok in July and make friends with a bunch of fun and young people. Pattaya is beautiful and nice; Bangkok is just awesome!

It was much fun playing dress up, running around trying on bridal gowns, the first half of last year. Now I know the meaning of Once in a lifetime. So, ladies, key point is not which would be the right gown to get married in but the right person to walk this journey with. 

"I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding." 

That much is true, what I always wanted. I don't come from a broken family, but I grew up in an imperfect family. But then again, you might say, nobody is perfect. I want a man, man enough to be the man of the family so that I could be the woman who supports him no matter what happen. Simply because my Dad happens not to be so much of a man, the life he gives my Mother. 

September when our parents met, we have decided to do everything the simple way. Yes, the day you get married is once in a lifetime but we didn't want the fact in order to get everything to be perfect on that very day, everyone gets mad about stuff, or worse, I don't want people to get mad at each other. 

October on our pre-wedding honeymoon to Macau, so nice, it's just the two of us out there it's fun. He can get annoyingly protective when he wants to. He loves the building of Grand Lisboa. Oh my, how could he not love The Venetian. It was fantabulous. Macau is definitely a place we would go back. I just can't wait for the little getaway to Krabi this coming July. It isn't anywhere luxurious but I just want to get away, just the two of us. 

November was a busy month, time flew unmercifully. 

Then December came when the big big moments changed both of lives forever; where two simple words, I do means world class responsibilities. 

That's about wrapped up my twenty thirteen, it was a great year. I hope this year would be awesome, too! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

marry me; marry you

It's funny how we would argue (not that it is a big deal to fight about, but still) when exactly we met each other because I am so sure it was the night of Christmas Day and he insisted it was Christmas Eve. I told him I was at Maison, KL on Christmas Eve then he would say I'm being ridiculous blah, blah, blah... :)

So it has been three years from the time we met, went for dates, went steady; moved in together and then got married just recently. I know! It is lightning fast; I felt like we've been married for three years. Seriously.

He might not be the most romantic boyfriend but he's definitely the family guy every normal girl would settle down with. I am just a normal girl, I don't need Prada or Gucci to make me happy. Being the family guy he is, sometimes I do feel tie down, it's me, I'm an Aries, I'm out-going, I need to go out! And he's all lazy and stay at home to be safe. Gosh!!! 

I married a caveman!